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Leave the staining to Schmidt Stain. Don't take the chance of having a *&%*ty Stain Experience....

At Schmidt Stain we make sure to use the right equipment, the right amount of stain and we take the labor intensive burdon away from our clients.

Call us today for Your FREE ESTIMATE at 925-626-7423

Why should I hire a professional to stain my fence or deck? It is important to understand if the wood fencing or decking will retain the color of the stain outcome you are looking for. That is why at Schmidt Stain we do Free Estimates so we can understand the integrity of the fence and deck and if staining will improve the quality and color. Plus do you really want to exert that energy using a paint brush or power washing or making sure the stain doesn't puddle? Leave it to the experts at Schmidt Stain

Do I have to power wash my fence or deck first? That is what we want to check out when we come to do your FREE Estimate. If you don't powerwash your fence or deck before staining it is likely that the fresh stain doesn't soak into the wood properly it just sits on top of the old finish. We want to have a surface that is free of dirt and debris and any mildew.

How much does staining cost? Is it less expensive if I do it myself? Any service provided by an outside company will be more expensive then you doing something yourself because you won't be paying yourself labor costs. However, hiring a professional company like Schmidt Stain to stain your wood fence or deck will save you time, potential frustration and making sure you are using the right materials and equipment. Our costs are competitive and we will provide you a FREE estimate once we analyze the size of the deck or how many linear ft. your fence is.

How do you know how much stain to use? You need to be careful and only use as much stain that will soak into the wood. Softwood vs. Knots absorb differantly. To avoid spots you have to make sure that you wipe up any excess before you start to see it creating shiny tacky spots. Stain is a barrier it is not like paint that is meant to stay on the surface of the wood.

What if it recently rained or plannnig for rain over the next few days? We suggest if you have a newly built wood fence or deck that you should wait at least 4 weeks before applying stain so the wood can dry out. You want to make sure in the mean time you keep excessive water away from the wood. If your fence is not new we suggest to wait at least 24 hours after the rain for the wood to dry before we apply the stain and then have the best possible idea that it won't rain for another 24 hours so it can dry.

How do you apply stain to my wood fence or deck? The stain that we use Preserva Wood® can be applied with a brush or with a pump sprayer. If your'e going to try and do it yourself DON'T use a paint roller you are likely to apply too much stain. With wood decks we are likely to use a stain pad. It is imporant to cover the surrounding areas near your fence or deck when staining especially on windy days.


Just like the premium staining materials we use, our team at Schmidt Stain is committed to providing a quality experience from start to finish. We are also always looking for ways to improve the customer experience based on the feedback we ask for from our customers, partners and team.


From start to finish we are proud of our team's work ethic in the field and in the office. Working together helps us deliver consistent quality to our clientsWe are also a company that cares about providing reliable communication and great customer service.

We strive to provide a 5 Star experience to all of our clients. Customer Service is key and it starts with your FREE Estimate.  Call us to discuss your next staining project. We want you to be so satisfied at the end of your job so that you leave us a 5 Star review for Schmidt Stain!

Customer Satisfaction

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